Hello world!

Hi Everyone!

Well, first things first…Why? In a world littered with blogs about anything and everything, and sites like Pinterest and Etsy popping up, why would you make a blog about crafts? Because why not! I know there are a million and one blogs out there with crafts on them, but I would argue…none like mine! I’m inspired mostly by dollar store items, and things I’ve seen. I’ve read a lot of other blogs on crafts, and DIY projects but I usually find I want to add to them. Make them better or take an idea further. I like to push the envelope and see how far I can go, admittedly not everything turns out. But every mistake I make, I just learn “how not to do something!”

So save yourself some tears and money and follow me! As we take the world by storm one craft at a time- with glitter and scissors in hand! (Never running of course, its dangerous to run with scissors. :P)



Let me know what you think!

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