Ikea Hacker

Hey Everyone!

Well… here goes nothing! So here is the story… I bought this Ikea paper shade and light cord about a year ago for a school project that I never ended up using. I did plan on using it for just a plain old light source though- except of course my plans had nothing to do with looking “plain or old”. So here is what I did to make it a show stopper!


You will need:

Approx 20 sheets of tissue paper (maybe coloured or white)

1/2 bottle of clear craft glue

something to spread the glue (I used dollarstore paint brushes)

some kind of circle template (Remember the smaller the circle the longer it will take)

a pencil

a pair of sharp scissors

Of course…. a paper shade (I bought mine at Ikea… but I’m sure you could find one at a dollar store)


A light cord (I say optional because it would easily look just as nice without a light in it. Perhaps as just decor)

And an additional option is a dimmer switch. (I put on one just because it was easier than plugging and unplugging the cord every time I wanted light)


Step 1: Cut out a million tissue paper circles. I did this by tracing and cutting through 10 sheets of tissue at a time- instead of one by one… other wise I would still be here! Try to draw the lightest line possible when tracing otherwise you will see the pencil marks on your lamp later. Either that or you could just throw out the top circle with the pencil marks.


Step 2: The pinch- I say this literally because I put pinch marks in all of my circles before I glued them down because I wanted them to sit off of the lamp and not lay flat. You could just glue them on as is if you wanted but it wouldn’t look as fluffy as mine.


Step 3: Place your lantern UPSIDE DOWN in a bowl or a dish (something to keep it still). The reason you need to start at the BOTTOM of your lantern is because you are going to overlap the circles. It would be harder to start at the top because then you are trying to glue circles UNDER other circles instead of just placing them on top.


Step 4: Apply glue to the lantern and place a circle on top of the glue. It was easier and less messy for me to do it this way, than to individually apply it the circles. (Less likely to tear, or get all stuck to itself) It was also faster as I could spread a bunch of glue over a whole area and then stick a bunch of circle on at a time. Plus you don’t have to worry about the glue showing because its clear.


Step 5: Overlapping- once you have done your first row, the second row should overlap by about 1/2- 1/4 of the first circles. Just keep it random, and as you go you will see how far apart you will have to space them. Also the bottom of the lap is a good place to learn spacing because it is the most forgiving.


Step 6: Just continue gluing away until its all covered! I think I should have used a bigger size circle because to cover this lamp it must have taken me 6-7hrs of just cutting, pinching, and gluing to finish this beauty! Ugh! But I think I paid off.


Optional- Step 7: Add a light cord and hang from the ceiling! As an extra added bonus- if your like me and don’t won’t to have to plug in a cord to turn it on you can add a dimmer. I got mine at Home Depot for about $15 (well worth it) Just follow the instruction on the package and you are good to go! The dimmer was actually REALLY easy to install- a bit intimidating… but easy.


I think in the future I might spray paint it to co-ordinate with my living room… but we will see about that. If I do I will be sure to keep you updated with how it goes!

Let me know what you think down below in the comments! If there are any crafts you would like to see me do, just leave me a comment and I’ll see what I can do!



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