Not just your average photo collage!

Hi Guys!

Sorry for the mass posts lately, its just that I have a bunch of projects that I’ve already done that are lying around the house just begging to be put online!

So this project is pretty simple… I just bought a bunch of photo frames from a dollar store ranging from $.75- $2 (I wouldn’t spend any more than that because you need a lot of them.) I then just arranged them on the floor how I wanted them to look and began transferring them to the wall. I chose an A-symetrical design because then I will be able to add more photos later to it. The only difference between a regular collage and mine is that it wraps around the corner! What a perfect way to spruce up a boring hallway!

The beauty of this project is that NONE of the frames have to match and there are no rules! Also if you have ugly things i.e. a thermostat, or an intercom system you can kind of blend them into the collage, so you don’t see them as much!

In the last picture there is a silhouette of a little bird surrounded by a tan foreground… that is another one of my crafts that I have to make a post about. I’ll let you know when that gets posted.

Finally because I used dollar store frames most of them didn’t come with a hook on the back, and being that they are mostly plastic I couldn’t use a picture hanging kit because there was nothing to nail into. So…. pinterest here we go! I found a post about using a pop tab as a hook, but in the pin it said to screw it in. They could because it was a wooden frame, and they needed to because the weight of the frame. I sort of cheated and just hot glued the tab onto the back of my pictures. It worked like a charm!

Well…. there you have it! A little something to spice up that bland corner of yours! Plus you can add to it! Cool hey!

Let me know what you think down below, and any suggestions for future crafts!



4 thoughts on “Not just your average photo collage!

  1. LOVE the corner display idea; it looks great! And the can tab works really well too – I guess if the picture was too heavy, you could use 2 or more along the top edge … =D

    • Thanks! Yes you defiantly could use more than one tab! The only problem I could see is trying to get the tabs at the same hight on the back of the frame so that the picture hangs strait.

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