A Shot at Hygiene

Well today’s project was based around on of my particular frustrations…. my GIANT Costco sized bottle of Listerine. (The deal was just too good to pass up) The only problem is that my bathroom counter is to small to accommodate it, so I remains for the most part under the sink where I tend to forget about it. Finally fed up that my deal wasn’t paying off because I wasn’t using it, I decided to so something about it. I’ve been playing around with some different ideas before I landed the one that gave this project the “cute” factor. My first thought was about reusing an old soap pump… but somehow that didn’t seem right. I could just see my clumsy self at night trying to for Listerine and getting my mouth unintentionally washed out with soap. :s Yuck!

Well… here is what you will need:

-An empty clear bottle (Mine was a Jones Soda bottle)

-Some spare white kitchen cupboard liner (Or new I think Home Depot sells it for $2 a roll)

-Some decent scissors

-A fine pen or sharpie

-A liquor pour spout (I found mine at Save-on-foods) You could also probably find it at a beer and liquor store

-Some cheap shot glasses (I got mine at the dollar store)

-An exacto knife

-A favourite colour of nail polish

-Some painters tape or just utility tape

-And possibly a funnel (Unless you are good at free pouring liquids)

Step 1: I think its when I went out to dinner and noticed the liquor bottles behind the bar with the pour spouts, and thought “That would be perfect!” the only thing though is those bottles were still to big. So I opted for an empty Jones Soda bottle I got at a Starbucks. I cleaned it thoroughly and removed the label and glue (With a LOT of scrubbing.) And voila! The perfect miniature liquor bottle.

Step 2: Using a steady hand and your fine sharpie, draw your letters out on the BACK of the kitchen liner. As a note you will have to draw your letters out backward so that when it comes time to put them on the bottle they will be the right way around.

Step 3: Using your sharp scissors cut out the letters carefully, they don’t have to be perfect because you can fix them up later with your exacto; but I would still encourage trying to do your best to save time later.

Step 4: Peel off the backing to your letters and arrange them on the bottle how you would like them.

Step 5: If you would like, you can now clean up the shape of your letters by using the exact knife to trim away any mistakes. Its easier when the letters are on a hard surface then bending around in your hand as your try to cut them out.

Step 6: Fill your bottle with your brand of mouth wash, using a funnel (if you have one) and place the pour spout in the neck of the bottle. Make sure that your little black cap is on the spout when you aren’t using it, because over time I bet you it could evaporate. As an additional note- if you are worried about your letters peeling off you can always put some clear packing tape over them to hold it in place. I didn’t just because it seems to be ok by its self, and I did’t want to deal with the air bubbles. The key is a good clean surface on the bottle to allow the letters to adhere.

Step 7: You don’t have to… but you can decorate your shot glasses by painting the bottom of them. I did this by taping off the parts I didn’t want to get paint on, and then using the brush on my nail polish began to fill it in. Make sure to let them dry fully before placing the on any surface.

Step 8: Arrange on your bathroom counter and have a drink (and when I say drink I mean swish and spit) to oral hygiene! Your dentist will love you, and your house guest will love it!

I hope this helps de-clutter your bathroom a little bit! Happy Crafting! Let me know in the comments down below how yours turned out, or if there is a craft idea that your are dying to see!



One thought on “A Shot at Hygiene

  1. I wish I had seen earlier. had some friends staying with us over weekend. Would have been cool to have this! Oh well next time! Great post!

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